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English Speaking Course (Basic to Upper) + Personality Development Program

For Institutions

English Speaking Course (Basic to Upper) + Personality Development Program

For Individuals


Course Highlights

The Beginners course is designed to teach students to use English language for everyday situations and purposes related to school, college, social life, workplace and leisure. Students can make use of their own knowledge and personal experience and express their ideas and opinions.

The Advanced English Skills is designed to teach students to use the English language in various situations such as professional life, interacting with people socially and professionally, leisure time and visiting new places. Students can make use of their prior knowledge and experience while communicating. This course enables students to interact with people inside and outside their office or home and improve their communicating skills.

The spoken English skills Upper-Intermediate is designed to teach students to use the English language in situations such as discussing management issue, making financial decisions, and interviewing candidates. Students can make use of their knowledge and experience when handling customer, mentoring team members. This course enables students to break the ice among people and share information using their communication skills.

A Personality Development Course will assist the student to improve their character, and make it increasingly satisfactory and even charming. It assists the student to shape their personality and makes them feel complete in every aspects of their life. This course will help to analyze the skill-gaps and bridge those gaps through effective training by industry backed experts/trainers.

Special Features

HR & Communication
Trainers with Industry

HR & Communication Trainers

Here at Unnathi, we have industry expert Trainers who have served in diverse industry domains. They provide quality teaching to the students by sharing their rich knowledge and experience. These Professional Trainers with their passion and dedication helps the students to develop their Skills & Personality and achieve their goals to work in the corporate environment.

Latest Delivery

Latest Delivery Methodology

Our methodology helps to develop the depth & dynamism of the course content to have an impactful delivery. This helps to build the competencies in the students to survive in the tough corporate environment. With the inputs from industry experts, students get a better exposure towards the gaps they should fill in before joining industry..

Practical Oriented &
Confidence Building

Practical Oriented & Confidence Building activities

Our Expert Trainers helps the students to understand the course content through Practical approach rather than only theoretical methods. We undertake various class room activities, seminars, cultural feast, industrial visits, live interaction with the various industry experts etc. which helps them to build their Personality and confidence.

Online & Classroom Mode
(Fast Track & Regular Class)

Online & Classroom Mode
(Fast Track & Regular Class)

We provide online and classroom trainings for the learners as per the student's convenience. With our result oriented training one can become fluent, confident & boost Personal/professional life with effective communication. Students have the option to finish the course within quick time frame with our fast track class or they can choose regular class method.

Scope and Opportunities

First and foremost, a personality development program will make you understand the real you! It starts with a self-awareness module and through a variety of activities encourages students to get in touch with their inner selves. Only when they understand their strengths and weaknesses; motivations and core beliefs can they approach problems with a realistic frame of mind.

Effective communication is the foundation of almost all professional as well as personal activities – and it forms a key part of personality development program. Students not only learn traditional communication skills such as expressing themselves well in person or in writing but will also learn vital tips and tricks to manage public speaking situations and learn how to understand and control their own body language.

It helps to gain confidence, self-esteem, and positive impact on one's communication skills and the way one sees the world. This will help the students to develop an outgoing and impressive personality that will give them a break –through to the corporate world.

How different are we from other regular courses?

What differentiates us is our passion to nurture the young talent to turn their vision into reality. Our Trainers create scenario in which students can make their own decision that promote participation. Our innovative courses are perfectly tailored to each student to grow in the highly competitive corporate industries.  Our professional Trainers give special and close attention to each student to overcome their personal weakness. This gives faster and better results as compared to our competitors.

How English knowing can help?

  • Builds confidence to meet new people.
  • Develops communication skills.
  • Enables to travel or work abroad.
  • Helps children with their studies.
  • Enhances career and thus increases chances for promotions.
  • Prepares to take exams for higher educations.
  • Professionals
  • Companies
  • Kids
  • College Students
  • Self-employed
  • Homemakers

Academy offers you variety of career oriented courses courses.  Professional course chosen by a student plays a huge role in shaping his/her career. This is the main reason why students must give utmost importance to career building courses.


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