Data Science

Data science is the practice of extracting knowledge from massive amounts of data, using methods such as statistics, machine learning, data mining, and predictive analytics. This discipline is revolutionizing the way organizations solve problems and gain competitive advantage.

Next Course starts: Jan, 2020

Limited no. of seats available

Program Duration: 80 Hours

45 Hours Online / 35 Hours Lab

Online Bootcamp

Learning Format



Program Overview

This course challenges you to take on the different roles involved in a data science team, solving end-to-end realworld scenarios across different industries.

Data Science Practitioners – use advanced data science methods and tools, leveraging statistical sciences, machine learning technologies and industry-specific datasets, to implement unique data models that can solve challenging problems across all industries.


Individuals with an active interest in applying for entry level jobs to work in data science related projects.

Prerequisite skills for this course:


Explore end-to-end data science industry use cases using the data analytics lifecycle.

Understand the evolution and relevance of data science in the world today.

Understand the scientific method for science projects, and the data science team key roles.

Gain a competitive edge using low-code cloud-based platform for data science - IBM Watson Studio.

Data engineering and data modeling practices using machine learning.

Experience teamwork agile industry practices using design thinking.


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Learning Path

Module 1

Analytics Overview

  • Business Analytics Overview, Trends, Case Studies
  • Understanding Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Module 2

    Business Analytics Foundations

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Module 3

    Predictive Analytics Modeler

  • Data mining
  • IBM SPSS Modeler, nodes, streams
  • ACME data
  • Deriving and reclassifying fields
  • Modeling
  • Data functions: date, conversion, string, statistical, missing value
  • Sequence data
  • Sampling, partitioning, and balancing data
  • IBM Watson Studio, IBM Watson Machine Learning
  • Neural networks and deep learning